4 tips to design a home for a joint family

Nuclear families are the norm nowadays; however, the concept of joint families is still very much prevalent in India. Though living in a big household surrounded by a lot of people can be joyous and advantageous, a joint family brings with it its own set of challenges. With so many people in a single house, and each having their own preferences and likings, designing a home which appeals to all is not easy. So if you are one of those who prefer a joint family but are finding it hard to design the perfect home, there is no need to worry. Here are a few tips that will help you transform your home into a cosy and comfortable abode for everyone. 

Know your family members’ likes and dislikes

Before you start the actual process of designing the home, it is essential to know the preferences, tastes and styles of each family member. Get to know what designs, colours, types of furniture and other aspects each family member likes. One member might like light colours, the other may prefer dark ones. Once you are familiar with each member’s tastes, you can design the home accordingly. Besides their preferences, it is also essential to know how many people will inhabit the house. This will help you design the home as per the needs of the joint family.


The kitchen is where the meals are cooked and is one of the home’s most important place. In some households, the kitchen also serves as a gathering place for the family members. In small families, usually one person uses the kitchen; however, in joint family households, multiple members cook their meals at one time. With so many people in the kitchen, things can get messy and complicated. When designing a kitchen for a large household, ensure that there is sufficient space for each person. Install large countertops, and a kitchen island. The washing, cooking and storage areas should be efficiently segregated. A kitchen that has ample space will help maintain peace and decorum among the family members. 

Dining area

The dining area is where the family members gather together for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A joint family comprises two or three individual families. Each of these would like to dine at their own time and preference. To ensure that there is no clash between the family members, invest in a large table. You can also buy a foldable table which can be expanded. You can turn it into a large and extended table when the entire joint family wants to dine together, or if there is a special occasion. But it can be folded into a smaller size when families are dining separately. This will save a lot of space, be convenient for all family members and make the room look less cluttered.

Include separate living spaces

Living in a joint family is exciting. However, there are times when a  family would want a place of their own where they can enjoy a few moments of privacy. That is why it is essential to include separate living spaces. But at the same time, also create a common area. So whenever a single family wants some quality time, they can do it in their private living space. And the common room can be used by the entire joint family to bond together.


Though complex, designing a home for a joint family is not that hard either. Strategic planning, knowing the preferences of each family member and a little creativity will ensure that you design a home that suits the needs of all people. If you are searching for a home for a joint family, you can choose a villa or an independent floor. You can search for a variety of houses on Blox ranging from apartments to villas, independent houses, duplex flat in Thane, Mumbai etc and other types of houses. These homes are built by the country’s finest developers. So determine your family’s needs and search for the best home on Blox.

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