6 Best Birthday Gifts For Traditional Indian Fathers

Every father works hard for himself and his family. Sometimes he even sacrifices his dreams to support his loved ones. He is the most important person to you and you want to express your love with a beautiful gift. You deep dive into your memories and try to think what would he love to have. A random memory of the trip to Kolkata reminds you of a local cake shop in Kolkata that your father enjoyed visiting. With this, you thought of bringing a cake but again changed your mind thinking it won’t be enough. After thinking a lot you hop on the internet to find some help and found this list. In this list, I tried to cover the most practical gift which any father would. So here’s the list of gifts to give to your father on his birthday. 


You might have seen your father massaging his arms or legs while watching TV or might have heard him complaining to your mother about his body pain. Solve his problem by gifting him a massager that can relieve his muscle pain. You can choose from a variety of massagers which can also fit your budget. Anyone in the house would be more than happy to have a good massager ready to use. 

Revisit His Favourite Place

Revisit the places which he always talks about. Once in a while, he will take out a picture where he is posing in front of the Taj Mahal and starts telling you stories from that trip. Plan a small revisit to those places and make new memories. Recreate older photos with new twists like that Taj Mahal photograph he always talks about. But add a twist by making him pose with a photo cake which you can order through online cake delivery in Agra for his birthday.

Rocking Chair

Ever seen your father switching places or changing positions while doing something? For this gift him a chair which is comfortable and also easy to move around, so he can change his view whenever he wants to. You might him on this chair doing some work, reading, fixing something or you might as well catch him taking a nap.


Fathers sometimes just don’t spend on themselves, do they? They will keep on using the things until they are completely destroyed. One such thing is glasses. Get him a new, durable, and comfortable pair of glasses which also enhances his cool dad personality. Also, add a personalized case for it so his glasses are always safe and clean.


Most fathers would have fixed several things in the house. From fixing a small leakage to anything which he thought is easily fixable. For these dad gift them a toolbox that has all the instruments which he would need. He would definitely praise you for bringing him such a practical gift.

Self-care hamper

Many fathers tend to neglect their self-care while taking care of others. Gift your father a DIY self-care hamper and get him to start taking care of themselves. Add things that he would love to do. For example, if he loves to cook gift him cookbooks or cooking lessons. If he is a musical person then gift him an instrument. Observe his daily life and see what kind of gift would be perfect for him. 

Fathers might seem tough on the outside but they are soft as marshmallows on the inside. Surprise him with a gift and you might catch one more glimpse of a loving father. Hope this list helped you to find a gift for your father.

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