Andrew Garfield Net Worth: How Much Does The Actor Earn?

Andrew Garfield net worth

In recent times, people are storming the internet to know about Andrew Garfield net worth. Well, there seems to be enough reason behind that. Andrew has become one of the most popular faces in the entertainment industry and has a large fanbase on a global basis. However, if you do not know, let me inform you that he is a British/American actor. He has acted widely in films, tv-series and also in stage productions. However, the film that earned him global recognition is The Amazing Spider-Man.

Andrew is a very talented actor and has bagged numerous awards through his stunning performances. However, let me tell you that this handsome actor wanted to make a career in business initially. Though he attended acting classes at the age of nine, those were not that influential. But, at the age of 16, he attended a Theatre Studies class and that changed him. This ultimately brought him to the Central School of Speech and Drama at the University of London. The rest is history. Therefore, if you wish to know more about this actor and also about his net worth, then this article is the perfect stop for you.

Andrew Garfield net worth

A Brief Bio

Andrew breathed his first on the 20th of August 1983, as Andrew Russell Garfield. He was born to his parents in Los Angeles, California, US. Therefore, his date of birth tells us that he is around 39 years old as of March 2023. His father was a Jewish American and his mother was an English lady. However, their names remain largely unknown to us. Let me inform you that he also has an elder brother in the family. Wiki

Andrew identifies himself as Jewish. We already know that he never took acting seriously in his early days and thought of studying business. In fact, at the age of nine, he took acting classes but never felt inclined to take acting seriously. But, at the age of 16, he attended a Theatre Studies class and that changed him. This ultimately brought him to the Central School of Speech and Drama at the University of London. The rest is history.


Andrew graduated from the Central School of Speech and Drama back in 2004. After that, he wished to pursue a career in theatre acting. With this aim in mind, he joined the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. In fact, he was quite successful there as an actor and bagged various awards for his performance. His switch to television came in 2005 through the series “Sugar Rush”. In 2007, he appeared in an episode of Dr Who and that earned him even more recognition.

Let me inform you further that Lions for Lambs was his debut American film. In it he worked alongside Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise and Robert Redford. After this film, we witnessed his return to British film, through the movie Boy A. In fact, his performance in this movie was stunning and earned him praise from both the audience and the critics. Since then, he has worked in a number of other films like The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, The Other Boleyn Girl and Red Riding. In fact, he gained the praise of the critics and also bagged the  Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Never Let Me Go.

Andrew Garfield net worth

However, his breakthrough came in 2012 through the film The Amazing Spider-Man. The same year also marked his return to the theatrical stage through his Broadway debut in the production of “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller. He also created his independent film titled “99 Homes” reprising his role in The Amazing Spiderman. This made Sony to strike a deal with Marvel to include Spiderman in the MCU. Since then he has acted in a number of musicals, films and stage productions.

Net Worth

Andrew is a very successful actor and has worked in a number of films and stage production. Estimation of his net worth shows that his net worth is around $16 million as of 2023.


  1. Why is Andrew Garfield famous?

Andrew is an actor famous for his performance in The Amazing Spider-Man.

  1. What is his net worth?

As of 2023, his net worth is around $16 million.

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