Cody Rhodes Route to Finishing Story Against Roman ReignsÂ

In the world of professional wrestling, compelling storylines captivate fans and drive the narrative of the sport. One intriguing storyline that has gained significant attention is the potential clash between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns. Both men are established stars in their respective promotions and possess incredible in-ring abilities. In this article, we will explore a potential route for Cody Rhodes to bring the storyline against Roman Reigns to a satisfying conclusion. By analyzing their characters, motivations, and possible scenarios, we will outline a path that could lead to an epic showdown between the two superstars.

  1. Establishing the Conflict: To create a compelling storyline between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns, it is essential to establish the conflict and build tension between the two characters. This can be achieved through carefully crafted promos, backstage segments, and in-ring encounters. The story could revolve around Rhodes, representing a different promotion, challenging Reigns, who is regarded as the top star in his promotion. The clash of egos and a desire for supremacy would form the foundation of their rivalry.
  2. Personal Vendettas and Betrayals: To intensify the storyline, personal vendettas and betrayals could be incorporated. Perhaps a trusted ally or family member of Cody Rhodes turns against him and aligns with Roman Reigns, leading to feelings of betrayal and a desire for revenge. This betrayal could fuel Rhodes’ determination to defeat Reigns and prove his worth as a competitor. Emotional promos, backstage confrontations, and surprise attacks could be used to heighten the animosity between the two wrestlers.
  3. Championship Opportunities and Title Matches: To elevate the stakes, championship opportunities and title matches could be interwoven into the storyline. Both Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns could be vying for the top championship in their respective promotions. This could lead to non-title matches, where a victory for Rhodes could earn him a future title shot against Reigns. The quest for championship gold would add a layer of prestige and significance to their rivalry, intensifying the competition between the two.
  4. Outside Interference and Faction Warfare: Intrigue and excitement could be injected into the storyline through outside interference and faction warfare. Rhodes could align himself with a faction or form a coalition of wrestlers who share his mission to dethrone Reigns. This would not only create captivating in-ring battles but also provide opportunities for unexpected alliances, betrayals, and dramatic plot twists. The involvement of other wrestlers and factions would expand the narrative and keep fans guessing about the ultimate outcome.
  5. Character Development and Redemption Arcs: To add depth to the storyline, character development and redemption arcs could be explored. Both Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns have complex characters with layered motivations. Rhodes could undergo a personal transformation, evolving from a cocky and self-centered competitor to a more humble and focused athlete. This character development could resonate with the audience, allowing them to emotionally invest in Rhodes’ journey towards redemption. On the other hand, Reigns’ character could undergo a change as well, showcasing a more ruthless and dominant side, making him an even more formidable adversary for Rhodes.
  6. Climactic Showdown and Resolution: he storyline could build towards a climactic showdown between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns at a major pay-per-view event. The match could be contested under high-stakes stipulations, such as a championship title or the future control of both promotions. This encounter would be a culmination of their rivalry and the perfect opportunity for Rhodes to showcase his growth and determination. The match could be hard-fought, with dramatic near falls and moments of intense action, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. Ultimately, Rhodes could secure a hard-fought victory, gaining the respect of Reigns and solidifying his position as a top-tier competitor.


The potential storyline between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns holds immense potential for captivating the wrestling world. By establishing the conflict, incorporating personal vendettas, championship opportunities, outside interference, and character development, the storyline can reach its zenith with a climactic showdown between the two superstars. The resolution of the storyline should provide a satisfying conclusion that not only showcases Rhodes’ growth and determination but also propels Reigns’ character to new heights. With careful storytelling and compelling in-ring performances, the Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns storyline has the potential to become a memorable chapter in professional wrestling history.

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