Who is Colestein Veglin? His Life, Wiki and More

Colestein Veglin

The name Colestein Veglin is a conspiracy theory about longevity. Some claim that Colestein Veglin lived for about 615 or 617 years before he died. Most humans find it difficult to live up to a hundred years old, but some people believe that humans can live longer than 110 or more. Colestein Veglin is a popular example of such claims.

Colestein Veglin

A Strange Man

Today, we will talk about Colestein Veglin and the truth about his age when he passed away. Keep reading to learn more about this fascinating man!

For many years, Colestein Veglin was an unknown person, and no one knew his true identity. It wasn’t until 1876 that the police arrested him in Newark, New Jersey. The New York Times reported the arrest and called him “The Oldest Man Yet.”

Colestein Veglin

The New York Myth

According to the article, Colestein was living with six wives at 21 William Street. Although said he was polygamous, he never disclosed the ages of his wives. People labelled the man insane. It is peculiar that no one bothered to verify his claims or follow up on the article in the New York Times. As a result, the only information available about him is from that article.

The situation becomes stranger because there is no record of Veglin’s six wives or his parents. Additionally, there is no information about Veglin’s children, although it is rumoured that he had around seven. It seems that Colestein Veglin may be just a myth, like many other conspiracy theories. Wiki

Elusive Mystery

Finding information on Colestein Veglin is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There’s no point in searching for things like his net worth as there’s hardly any information available on this elusive man.

Colestein Veglin

It’s widely believed that Veglin was a longevity myth who claimed to have six living wives and to be 615 years old when he was arrested in New Jersey back in 1876. But no one knows for sure if any of these claims are true. His birth year is also unknown, but some speculate it to be between 1259 to 1261.

Highly Intriguing

Interestingly, Veglin is listed on Wikipedia’s page of people famous for their longevity myths, with the highest claim of age. But there’s no concrete evidence to support or disprove this claim.

However, his arrest report does give some hints about the real story behind Colestein Veglin.

Colestein Veglin

According to the report, he was a valuable property and he was sent to an Insane Asylum for treatment. This suggests that he wasn’t really 615 years old, as claimed, and that he had some mental health issues.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the truth behind Colestein Veglin will likely remain a mystery. But what we do know is that his story has become a part of longevity myths and conspiracy theories.

Jeanne Calment was one of the oldest people in the world when she died in 1997 at the age of 122. Her age was a record-breaker and there are many other people who have lived to similar ages. You can find some of these people on Wikipedia.

More Claims

Scientists have not confirmed or denied the claims made by Colestein Veglin many years ago. However, they have said that it is possible for humans to live for a thousand years. Although no one is capable of living for that long yet, there are stories in the Hebrew Bible of people 900 years old or more.

It is most likely yet another longevity scam. Such myths lurk around every Internet chatroom and forum discussing urban legends. Do let us know if you can find other such longevity claims.

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