Harshvardhan Jain: All You Need To Know About Him

Harshvardhan Jain is a name that is really well-known in the Indian entertainment industry. Well, he is not an actor. However, he is a business coach and motivational speaker. We have seen that in recent times, people have gained much in the motivational field. There are numerous motivational books that are enough to charge you up. In addition, in this age of social media, we also have many motivational speakers on YouTube and other social media platforms. Some of these motivational speakers have earned great repute and Harshvardhan is one of them.

In fact, he has earned a reputation for himself in the field of MLM. In fact, people related to this particular field must know Harshvardhan very well, as he is a towering personality in that field. If you search through YouTube, you will find that many of his motivational videos have received views in millions. Moreover, he also speaks at seminars about looking at life from a different perspective. Therefore, if you wish to know more about him, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know more about this famous motivational speaker and business coach.

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About Harshvardhan

Harshvardhan Jain

Harshvardhan breathed his first on the 21st of April 1980. He was born to his parents in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. As per various sources, he loved swimming from the mere age of 3 years. In fact, by the age of 10 years, he championed the art of swimming. As his confidence level increased, he started to believe that he is different and had a greater purpose in this world.

However, he was not that good at his studies. He joined St. Anthony’s Higher Secondary School in Jaipur for his school education. Later he shifted to Khandelwal School in Bikaner. However,  he had been an average student. Talking about his parents, his father worked at Jaipur Dairy as a veterinary doctor, while his mother is a housewife.


We know that now Harshvardhan is a well-known name in the MLM industry. He is a business coach and motivational speaker. However, he started his career in 2000 in direct selling. Later, in 2001, he started to venture into the MLM field. However, in 2006 he suffered a great blow as his company shut down that year. However, she did not choose to surrender and restarted his efforts in that field. This time, he was seeing some profit. However, the government closed his company down in 2011 due to some monetary issues.

However, due to the continued efforts of Harshvardhan and many others, the government formulated new guidelines for the MLM industry in 2016. Now, he is at the top of the MLM industry. In addition, he is also one of the top motivational speakers in recent times. He has inspired and motivated millions of people in the past few years and has become a star personality.

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Concluding Lines

Therefore, the entire life of Harshvardhan Jain is in itself a motivation. He speaks what life has taught him. Therefore, his motivational talks are very realistic and have therefore encouraged millions of people to fight back in their lives.

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Meta: Harshvardhan Jain is one of the top motivational speakers in India. Read this article to know more about this business coach and motivational speaker.

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