How to Choose The Right IT Services Firm

COVID-19 affected few, if any, industries. Many professional services and technology consulting firms struggled to adapt even in the technology sector, where change is expected.

Businesses in almost every industry have had to embrace work-from-home operations and other business changes, including cloud services. Some service provider business declines were ripple effects. Tourism, manufacturing, and hospitality businesses cut costs during the pandemic.

Companies are ramping up IT projects again as the economy improves. IT investments made today must be innovative and creative to support the future.

Companies must choose the right IT services firm to implement the technology solutions they need to survive and thrive. This post discusses IT consulting, outsourcing, and cloud systems integrators. Cloud systems integrators may be the best option for the new IT paradigm.

Option 1: IT Consulting Company

Hiring a big-name IT consulting firm NYC is expensive, pandemic or not. Cutting costs by skipping or canceling work with costly firms.

Many larger consultancies can’t help organizations implement IT strategies efficiently or cost-effectively. Their specialties include taxation, management consulting, corporate finance, and legal services.

They excel at IT strategy and enterprise-wide digital transformation rather than implementation. They could handle cloud migration or cloud-native app development. Because technology implementation isn’t a strategic part of their business, they’re hesitant to take on these projects, especially if they won’t generate a significant profit.

As with other services from larger consulting firms, overhead and other factors drive up costs. Smaller or niche technology companies can price their services more competitively. They won’t hire top technology implementers. For many businesses, the service quality may not justify the cost.

Larger firms are less agile than smaller ones. While they sell innovation to clients, they’re often too large and inefficient to adopt the new ways of working and thinking they promote. To stay efficient, they must use tried-and-true methods, sacrificing client satisfaction.

Option 2: Outsourcing Information Technology

Outsourcing is another option. A company hires outside resources – usually low-cost offshore companies – to handle various IT tasks. Specialized IT Consulting firms in Dallas aren’t faring any better than the big consultancies. Although they are less expensive than a large professional services firm, many potential clients are wary of working with them.

The adage “you get what you pay for” has been proven far too often for low-cost IT services. These businesses are often behind the times regarding cutting-edge methodologies that can result in better solutions and more successful projects.

IT outsourcing companies, like extensive technology consulting and professional services firms, rely on standard processes that can be repeated repeatedly to keep costs low. There is no room for creativity. Many potential customers prefer to work with a company that provides more options rather than just getting the job done quickly and cheaply.

Option 3: Cloud Systems Integrators 

An implementation company specializing in cloud migration and cloud-native app development may be a good choice.

These are cloud-only companies. They’re knowledgeable and experienced. Because they only work with cloud technologies, DevOps and agile development are standard business practices.

Larger companies with no room for experimentation can’t be as innovative as cloud systems integrators. They’re always trying to overcome technological obstacles.

These businesses create solutions for current and future needs. For many, their work for a customer is just the beginning of a long-term relationship that will evolve as the customer’s needs change.

Their niche focus gives them an edge over large consulting firms and IT outsourcing firms. IT generalists dominate large consultancies and outsourcing firms. Each central cloud platform has hundreds of tools and services. Even the most prominent outsourcing firms and consultancies would struggle to master all cloud platforms’ resources.

Many cloud-centric businesses have focused on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft to gain expertise in their tools and services. In turn, their customers benefit from targeted solutions.

Carefully select your IT service provider.

That isn’t to say that comprehensive technology consulting firms or IT outsourcing firms don’t have a place. Working with a company like Risingmax which specializes in cloud technologies is the best option for companies that want the flexibility, scalability, and cost benefits that the cloud provides.

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