Step-by-Step Procedure to Buy a Flat In Mumbai

Procedure to buy flat in Mumbai

The Mumbai real estate market is one of the country’s most extensive, and buying a home here can be cumbersome. Before you select the property, you need to do a thorough background check and take several considerations into account. Moreover, since properties in Mumbai are very expensive, you cannot afford to take risks. So if you are considering buying a flat in Mumbai, here is a detailed guide on how to go about it. This step-by-step procedure to buy flat in Mumbai will help you buy the perfect property.

Determine your budget

You need to determine your budget before you start your search for a property. First, check your finances, and accordingly decide the amount of money that you can spend on the purchase of a flat. Besides paying the home loan EMIs, you will also have to take care of many other expenses like your children’s education, medical emergencies, home repairs and EMIs for a vehicle or other gadgets. A realistic budget will help you determine the type of property and the locality that is suitable for you.


Take the location factor very seriously, especially if you are buying property in a big city like Mumbai. While some localities are strategically located and in the city’s centre, others are located on the outskirts. Ensure that the social amenities are within easy reach. The flat should be close to schools, hospitals, markets, and entertainment facilities. If you are a professional, check the distance between your workplace and the property. An apartment that is far from employment zones and social amenities will offer neither comfort nor convenience. 

Visit the site

You need to be cautious and vigilant when buying a flat. Before finalising the deal, make it a point to visit the site. A site visit will give you a clear view of the property, its features, and other aspects and will help you determine whether it suits your purposes and the needs of your family. Do not rush into buying a property. Take your time and visit several properties. Thorough evaluating the pros and cons of each property will help you determine which one is right for you. 

Taking the help of a broker or real estate buying platform is always better. Portals like Blox make it easy for you to choose your dream home. The platform list hundreds of top class properties, their features, amenities and other details. The company will also organise virtual tours and visits to the properties that you have selected and assist you through the home buying process. And all this is done at 0 percent brokerage. With Blox, there will be no scope for errors.

Check the legal status 

Before you sign the deal, check the property’s legal status. 

Thoroughly analyse the documents and see whether the project has been approved by the authorities. 

Make sure that there are no legal disputes, whether it complies with all safety standards, and is registered under a registered society. 

Additional costs 

Besides the property’s actual cost, there are many other expenses that you need to Know. Some of these include stamp duty and registration charges, maintenance charges, parking charges, and brokerage, to name a few. These costs can significantly increase the property’s price. If you are not aware of these costs, you might end up spending more money than your budget permits. 


Purchasing property in Mumbai is not easy. However, you can make your home buying experience smooth by planning your budget well and taking the right steps. Partnering with companies like Blox will ensure that the property you buy is genuine and of high-quality. Hopefully the points mentioned above will help you finalise your home buying deal. 

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