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The visibility index – is a term that every SEO has heard before.

But what is the visibility index, and how can I measure it and use it for my SEO work?

As a certified SEO agency, Techpally’s boss explains the visibility index to you in a comprehensible way and tells you how to correctly measure and evaluate the indicator for your SEO success

In every task, your efforts are not much if you don’t have a corresponding result.


The Visibility Index is an indicator of a website’s visibility and ranking in Google Search.

It is one of the metrics with which the success of a website in the Google SERPs can be measured transparently.

According to business ally, The higher the index value, the better the findability, and the more visitors can be expected to be gained via the search engine. 

With various SEO tools such as Techpally, Semrush, Ahref, Sistrix, or Xavi, the visibility index can be determined and ranking changes can be recorded quickly and clearly.

Sad news, without the required tools, you may not be able to measure and evaluate your website’s visibility index properly and accurately.

Examples of Visibility index measurement tool

An example of a measurement and evaluation tool for site visibility is Sistrix, and here are a few things to take into account.

What is the Sistrix Toolbox?

The SISTRIX Toolbox is the most used tool by an SEO professional. 

With the help of SISTRIX and the visibility index, rankings on Google can be made more transparent and understandable, says the charity.

The toolbox provides all relevant SEO key figures for the desired domain. 


To calculate the visibility index, the SEO tools use millions of pieces of data from a very large keyword pool, from which the 100 highest rankings are determined each week.

The visibility index is calculated from the following perspectives.

  • the ranking of regularly updated keywords
  • the traffic that can be expected from the positioning of the keyword
  • the expected traffic from the keyword  

Due to different amounts of data and the adaptation of the keywords to current events, different values may appear in the visibility index of the tool provider.

It is therefore advisable to only compare two domains within the same tool.


The visibility index as an indicator of SEO success

In summary, it can be stated that both the general and the project visibility index are decisive factors in relation to the ranking position and visibility of a website in order to check the SEO success of a website. 

In order to achieve meaningful results, keywords relevant to the customer should be created in the project and the development of the project visibility index should be analyzed and observed over time.

In this way, result- and customer-oriented SEO measures can be determined, which also have a positive influence on visitor numbers and impressions.

 However, it is essential to include other KPIs from Google Analytics, such as the time spent on a page, the bounce rate, or access to the analysis of a website. Good SEO agencies use far more indicators.

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