Tejas: A Box Office Success Story

Tejas: A Box Office Success Story

“Tejas,” the Hindi-language action thriller film starring Harman Baweja, debuted on October 4, 2022, and has since garnered a respectable box office collection. As of today, November 8, 2023, the film has amassed a total of ₹4.02 crore, demonstrating its steady performance despite facing competition from larger Bollywood releases.

Opening Day Collection

“Tejas” made an impressive start on its opening day, raking in ₹4.79 crore in gross collections. This strong opening was attributed to the film’s high-octane action sequences, Harman Baweja’s captivating performance, and the positive pre-release buzz surrounding the project.

Steady Performance

Despite the release of other Bollywood films in the following weeks, “Tejas” managed to hold its ground at the box office. The film’s steady performance can be credited to its positive word-of-mouth, its appeal to a wide audience, and its ability to connect with viewers through its action-packed narrative and patriotic themes.

Overseas Collection

While the film’s domestic box office collection is noteworthy, “Tejas” has also fared well in overseas markets. The film has collected an additional ₹0.67 crore from international screenings, indicating its global appeal and the recognition of Harman Baweja’s star power beyond India.

Overall Performance

With a total collection of ₹4.02 crore, “Tejas” has emerged as a box office success story. The film’s performance is a testament to the audience’s appreciation for high-quality action thrillers and the enduring popularity of Harman Baweja as a leading actor.


“Tejas” has demonstrated that well-made action thrillers can still find success in the competitive Bollywood landscape. The film’s box office collection is a testament to the power of a compelling story, captivating performances, and high production values. With its steady performance and positive reception, “Tejas” has carved its niche in the world of Hindi cinema.

Additional Insights

  • “Tejas” has received positive reviews from critics, who praised its action sequences, Baweja’s performance, and the film’s overall entertainment value.

  • The film’s strong box office performance is particularly impressive considering its limited release in theaters.

  • The film’s success is expected to boost Harman Baweja’s career and open doors for more prominent roles in future projects.

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