When is Francis Ngannou Next Fight at UFC 270?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) enthusiasts and fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) eagerly anticipate the next bout of Francis Ngannou, the Cameroonian-born heavyweight powerhouse. Ngannou has captivated the world with his awe-inspiring knockouts and impressive rise to the pinnacle of the sport. This article aims to shed light on the eagerly awaited question: When is Francis Ngannou’s next fight at UFC 270?

  1. Francis Ngannou: A Rising Star: To fully appreciate the anticipation surrounding Ngannou’s next fight, it is crucial to understand his remarkable journey to UFC stardom. Born on September 5, 1986, in Batie, Cameroon, Ngannou discovered his passion for combat sports at a young age. His path eventually led him to France, where he began training in boxing and discovered MMA. Ngannou made his UFC debut in 2015 and quickly garnered attention with his unparalleled punching power, knocking out opponents with incredible force. His knockout victories over prominent heavyweight contenders propelled him to a title shot against Stipe Miocic in 2018.
  2. Ngannou’s First Encounter with Stipe Miocic: The first meeting between Ngannou and Miocic took place at UFC 220 in January 2018. Despite Ngannou’s ferocious reputation, Miocic displayed his exceptional resilience and technical skills, successfully defending his title. The fight went the full five rounds, with Miocic utilizing his wrestling prowess to control Ngannou and secure a unanimous decision victory. Despite the loss, Ngannou’s performance showcased his immense potential, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his comeback.
  3. Ngannou’s Road to Redemption: Following his defeat against Miocic, Ngannou embarked on a journey of self-improvement and growth. He refined his skills, sharpened his striking abilities, and continued to evolve as a well-rounded mixed martial artist. Ngannou’s dedication and perseverance paid off when he faced Curtis Blaydes in November 2018, securing a dominant first-round knockout victory. This win marked the beginning of Ngannou’s remarkable comeback and solidified his position as a top-tier heavyweight contender.
  4. Ngannou’s Epic Triumph: The Knockout of the Predator: Ngannou’s pursuit of the heavyweight title finally reached fruition on March 27, 2021, at UFC 260, when he faced Miocic in a highly anticipated rematch. This time, Ngannou showcased the evolution of his skills, demonstrating improved takedown defense and refined striking techniques. In the second round, he landed a ferocious left hook that sent Miocic crashing to the canvas, securing the knockout victory and becoming the UFC Heavyweight Champion.
  5. Speculations and Potential Opponents for UFC 270: As the current UFC Heavyweight Champion, fans are eagerly awaiting news of Ngannou’s next opponent and the date of his next fight at UFC 270. While precise information may not be available at the time of writing, several potential opponents have emerged as worthy challengers for the heavyweight throne. The division boasts formidable contenders such as Derrick Lewis, Jon Jones, and Stipe Miocic, who are all vying for an opportunity to face Ngannou in the octagon.


Francis Ngannou’s meteoric rise in the world of MMA has captivated fans worldwide. From his humble beginnings in Cameroon to his stunning knockout victories and ultimate ascension to the UFC Heavyweight Championship, Ngannou has become a household name in the combat sports community. Although the exact details of Ngannou’s next fight at UFC 270 are currently unknown, the anticipation surrounding his return to the octagon is palpable. The Cameroonian champion has proven time and again that he possesses the power, skill, and determination to conquer any challenge that comes his way. As we await further information, the world eagerly anticipates the next chapter in the incredible journey of Francis Ngannou.

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