Wondering Where was The Circle Filmed?

The Circle, a popular reality TV show that has captivated audiences with its unique format and intriguing gameplay, has sparked curiosity among viewers regarding the locations where the series is filmed. As contestants navigate their way through a digital world, engaging in strategic interactions and forging alliances, many wonder about the physical setting that houses this virtual competition. In this article, we embark on a quest to uncover the filming locations of The Circle, shedding light on the backdrop against which the game unfolds.

Section 1: Exploring the Concept of The Circle Before delving into the specifics of The Circle’s filming locations, it is essential to understand the concept and mechanics of the show. The Circle brings together a group of contestants who reside in separate apartments within a shared building. However, their interactions occur solely through a specially designed social media platform, creating a virtual environment where they can communicate, strategize, and ultimately decide who will emerge as the most popular contestant. This unique blend of physical and digital spaces adds an intriguing dimension to the filming locations.

Section 2: The Initial British Version The Circle originated in the United Kingdom, where the first season aired in 2018. Exploring the filming locations of the initial British version provides insights into the show’s beginnings. The inaugural season was filmed in a luxury apartment building located in Salford, Greater Manchester. The building, known as The Adelphi Wharf, served as the backdrop for the contestants’ interactions within their respective apartments. The modern and stylish design of the building’s interior complemented the futuristic and tech-driven theme of The Circle.

Section 3: The American Adaptation Following the success of the British version, The Circle was adapted for an American audience. This section focuses on the filming locations of the American version, which premiered in 2020. For its first season, the American edition was shot in an apartment complex situated in the neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York. The building, known as Industry City, provided a visually appealing and contemporary setting for the contestants’ digital interactions.

Section 4: International Spin-OffsTh e Circle’s popularity extended beyond its original British and American versions, resulting in numerous international spin-offs. Each adaptation introduced its own unique filming locations, adding cultural diversity to the show. For instance, the French edition of The Circle, called “The Circle France,” was filmed in an upscale apartment complex in Saint-Denis, a suburb of Paris. Similarly, “The Circle Brazil” was shot in a luxury condominium located in the vibrant city of São Paulo.

Section 5: The Impact of Filming Locations on the Show The choice of filming locations plays a significant role in shaping the overall ambiance and aesthetic of The Circle. The selection of modern, visually appealing apartment complexes reflects the show’s tech-centric theme and creates an environment that enhances the virtual interactions between the contestants. The locations also contribute to the viewers’ immersion in the game, as the sleek and luxurious settings mirror the aspirational nature of the competition.


The Circle, a reality TV show that blurs the line between physical and digital spaces, captivates audiences worldwide with its unique format. Unveiling the filming locations adds another layer of intrigue to the series, providing viewers with a glimpse into the physical settings that house this virtual competition. From the luxury apartments in Manchester to the contemporary buildings in Brooklyn, the locations chosen for The Circle contribute to the overall experience, reflecting the show’s futuristic theme and enhancing the viewers’ immersion in the game. As the popularity of The Circle continues to grow and new adaptations emerge, the exploration of filming locations will undoubtedly evolve, presenting fresh environments that mirror the ever-changing landscape of the show.

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